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Speech and Language Services

Because everybody deserves a voice

Jordyn specializes in child language development, culturally responsive therapy and well-rounded success. Thus, therapy incorporates a variety of strategies including music, movement, culture, mindfulness, meditation, social development and the main objective of reaching client goals.

All services are individualized, client-centered, and utilize evidence-based practice to ensure the most appropriate and beneficial therapy.


Speech and Language Treatment

Evidenced-based practice in all domains

Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluations

Standardized assessments to determine presence of deficit or delay


Speech-Language Screenings

Quickly determines if a comprehensive evaluation is recommended

Consult with Jordyn

Questions related to speech and language services, the field of Speech-Language Pathology, or cultural responsiveness?

Let's Chat!

In a Meeting
Family Time

Educational Advocacy

Have someone on your team who can advocate for the best services for your child

Parent/Family Education

Learn the best ways to promote growth, development and progress towards goals outside of therapy

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